The Floralzine: The Best Floral Bloggers In One Place

There are many great floral blogs and the Floralzine attempts to bring the very best of them together in one place.

Brandon Kirkland, founder of Epic Flowers Ecommerce websites for florists had a problem – too many great floral blogs in the world and too little time to visit them all.

At the time he was trying to regularly check fifteen of his favorite floral blogs, and it felt like a losing battle. In response he created the Floralzine – single destination that aggregates the best and most fabulous floral blogs in the world.

With a quick visit to the Floralzine you can see the photographs from the Chelseas Flower Show, see how the three stages of a blossoming lotus inspired the architectural design of a massive structural building in China, and learn about how florists can use social media to grow their business.



Last Updated: 05/10/2021