Frustrated By The Limitations Your Independent POS System?

Independent POS does not have to be a compromise.

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Independent POS Systems Do Not Have To Be A Compromise

Florists know they can save money by using an independent (non wire service) POS system but too often they also assumes that means they have to compromise.

Some florists think that unless they are spending a fortune and putting up with a wire service that they are going to have to put up with an inferior POS system and tolerate poor support. And, in most cases, they would be right.

FloristWare is all that's good about independent POS, none of what's bad...

It's easy to assume that all independent POS systems come with the same problems. And in most cases you'd be right. But not with FloristWare. We've been helping retail florists just like you for more than fifteen years.

  • Affordable
  • Responsive
  • Accountable

  • No inexperienced or outsourced support
  • No language or time zone issues
  • No outdated amateurish software

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No one system is right for everybody, but we'd love to hear about your situation and frustrations and see if there might be a fit.

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