Fed Up With The High Cost Of Your Wire Service POS System?

You don't have to pay wire service prices to get a quality POS and great service.

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The Benefits Of Wire Service POS... Without The High Fees

There's a lot lot to like about wire service POS systems (things like support) and leaving can be a tough decision. But we've been helping retail florists just like you make the transition for more than fifteen years.

When florists choose to leave a wire service system it's typically for one or more of these reasons...

  • they want to save money (wire service systems are REALLY expensive)
  • they want to stop supporting a company that feels like a competitor
  • they've just had enough with the headaches, entanglements, crazy statements, selection guides, etc.

... but it's rarely because they don't like the actual wire service POS system. We compete with these guys but have no problem admitting that their POS systems are actually pretty good!

FloristWare is everything that's good about wire service POS, none of what's bad...

It's easy to assume that by leaving, and going with an independent POS system you're going to have to give a lot up. And with most POS systems you would be. But not with FloristWare. We've been helping retail florists just like you break free of wire services for more than fifteen years. We hope to help you make the same transition.

  • Dedicated, expert North American support
  • Ongoing development
  • Refined, professional software

  • No contracts or commitments
  • No crazy statements or outrageous fees
  • We don't compete against you

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