Rick Rivers of Florist Bootcamp

Rick Rivers, a successful florist, author and marketing consultant is also the creator Florist Bootcamp – a business education program for florists.


For the past 27 years, Rick Rivers has been a successful entrepreneur in the floral industry. Through his experience as a business owner and marketer, Rick has learned valuable secrets, gained through both success and failure, that will help your business grow.

He shares this information through the Florist Bootcamp program at conventions, trade shows and association meetings where he is often sponsored by FloristWare. Some of his most popular sessions include:


Marketing to the Affluent

Even in down times there are people out there who have plenty of money to spend on the products and services that florists sell. Do you know how to find the affluent, or indentify their buying habits? Find out all the secrets at this informative seminar. Learn how to triple your profits by paying attention to those who buy, especially the affluent and when they buy. Put a system in place that helps you seek out the affluent and then create a “path” for them to follow. Find all the hidden money in your business.

In the flower business it is very easy to get caught in the mindset that nobody wants to spend money on flowers. The success of order-gatherers and drop-shippers all suggests that when it comes to flowers people are cheap and won't spend many.

The truth is that in almost any market there are people that place a high value on flowers and will spend money on them. If you pay attention and take good care of them they can be very profitable. If you aren't ready for them and treat them like the average price-sensitive customer you'll lose them.


Building Better Corporate Sales

Corporate sales are essential to most successful florists – an ongoing source of business that is less cyclical and temperamental than retail floral – and Rick is a master at building long term relationships with local businesses. He'll be sharing the tips and techniques that he has developed and refined in his own store with everyone in attendance – techniques they can put into practice as soon as they get back to their own stores on Monday. FloristWare is pleased to sponsor this session as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the flower industry. We're also grateful to Rodney Canady and the other great volunteers at the FSFA for helping put this together.


Marketing Like the Fortune 500

Learn how you can employ the marketing tactics perfected by the biggest and most successful Fortune 500 companies at little or no cost. Don’t hate, emulate. These simple tricks will keep you “top of mind” with new and existing customers so you are the shop they call when they need flowers. This was one of the most popular sessions at the SAF convention, standing room only, with excellent feedback.

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Rick Rivers

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Last Updated: 10/24/2023