James Lowe Memorial Award Online Design Contest

An online design contest to determine the winner of James Lowe Memorial Award to help a floral designer attend the AIFD Symposium.

This online design contest was established by FloristWare to honor the memory of James Lowe, AIFD and determine the recipient of the James Lowe Memorial Award, an award intended to help a floral designer attend the annual AIFD Symposium and further their professional development.

Recent winners have included esteemed floral designers like Doug Bates AIFD PFCI, and Jason Parent CFD MMFD.



This is an online competition. Participants register, then have until a deadline to upload a photograph of their floral design. Once the deadline has passed online voting begins on Facebook and lasts for several days.

Once the online voting has ended one winner is selected at random from five entries with the most votes.


When & Where

Online, typically after Valentines Day but well before Symposium.


Registration & Fees

The contest is free and open to any floral designer that is intending to attend the AIFD Symposium and is an active volunteer in the floral community – this is essential to honoring the legacy of James Lowe who was so involved with both AIFD and his home NDSFA



The prize typically takes the form of paid registration to the AIFD Symposium.


Photos of 2019 Entries

James Lowe Memorial Award Online Design Contest

Last Updated: 10/11/2022