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A leading provider of custom-designed ecommerce websites for florists, with all sites featuring responsive design for the best in mobile commerce and SEO.

Florist 2.0 makes custom-designed ecommerce websites for florists. All of their websites feature responsive design, meaning that they look great whether they are viewed on a 30" desktop monitor, a tablet, or smartphone. This is a vital consideration as more and more online shopping is done from mobile devices. If your website doesn't make it easy for a customer to order flowers from their phone they will just go to one that does.

Florist 2.0 websites also shine in SEO, meaning that they are built to perform well in search. This is no surprise as the company was founded by Ryan Freeman, a fifth generation florist. Not just another self-appointed SEO expert, Ryan is recognized as a leading authority on SEO in the flower business. He has been asked to speak at countless industry conventions and conferences, including multiple appearances at SAF Retail Growth Solutions and their Annual Convention.

It is great sending through Flower Shop Network. With 1 Click and it is done!!!! Could not be easier! Thanks so much for your great program! I could not imagine not using Floristware… I would recommend it to anyone!!!!! Thanks Again!”

Ricky Mapes
Tylertown Florist | Tylertown Mississipi

There are so many people out there, claiming to be SEO experts, giving advice that is at best outdated and wrong and at worst dangerous... it's great to see a real expert like Ryan sharing his knowledge and expertise with the retail floral industry in general and his clients in particular.

Last Updated: Saturday, May 15, 2021 | 11:14 AM

Strider Florist 2.0

Ryan Freeman

Last Updated: 05/15/2021