SMS Text Message & Dedicated Phone Number Options/Pricing

A look at the costs associated with sending text messages and the options for dedicated phone numbers.

FloristWare allows retail florists to send delivery confirmations by email or SMS text message. These can be sent through either the software back at the store or, in real time, through our mobile floral delivery app.

This kind of real-time delivery confirmation by text message is a powerful way to increase customer satisfaction – it's more immediate than email and typically shows better deliverability rates. It's likely something your competitors can't provide, and something retail customers are increasingly coming to expect.

"Real time delivery confirmations are vital because delivery is the moment that matters most, and “once you can own the moment that matters, you build a loyal customer base.”"

- Sucharita Mulpuru Forrester Research eBusiness and Channel Strategy Expert

There are additional options and sometimes costs involved in sending text messages. FloristWare has to use a third-party service to send and assure the highest possible deliverability (it's important to note that the mobile phone carrier makes the final decision on what messages they will deliver to their customers phones).


Messaging Costs

Our advanced plan includes 250 free SMS text messages every month, about 10 a day. This is adequate for most shops – not every customer is going to want a delivery confirmation by text. Shops that need additional text messages can purchase them in blocks as shown below:

country_usa.png  US Pricing

Messages Per Month Monthly Price Yearly Price
500 $29 $299
1000 $49 $499
2000 $89 $899
5000 $149 $1,499

country_canada.png  Canadian Pricing

Messages Per Month Monthly Price Yearly Price
500 $34 $339
1000 $59 $599
2000 $99 $999
5000 $169 $1,699


Dedicated Phone Numbers (Optional)

With our Basic and Advanced packages all outgoing text messages originate from the same 855 number. Because multiple shops share the same number your customers cannot connect with you by simply calling it or replying to the text. It's not a big deal because you control what goes in the body of the original text, and we encourage you to include your store number – something like this:

We just wanted to let you know that your flowers for Mary Ann Stewart were delivered at 4:05 PM today. If you have any questions please call us at 777-555-1212.

If a customer does reply to this text message they will automatically and immediately get a generic response something like this:

Sorry but we can’t receive messages at this number. Please call the store you ordered your flowers and we will be happy to help.

And if they call the number (instead of just clicking your store number in the text) they will hear a similar message.

Most shops find this perfectly adequate but some want their text messages to originate from a local number that is unique to their shop. This allows them a few more options. Any replies or text messages sent to your custom number (in a case where the customer replies to the text message) will...

  • get an automated and full customized message unique to that store, like "Thank you for trying to reach us at XZY flowers. We can't receive messages at this number but please call us at 777-555-1212 and we'll be happy to assist you"
  • immediately be forwarded to the store as an email, allowing you to then call the customer on their device when appropriate

... and if the customer calls your custom number they will get a custom greeting that you record, usually directing them to call your shop on the main number.

A dedicated phone number for text messages is entirely optional and most shops don't do it. Those that do want to go the extra mile in branding can add this feature.

country_usa.png  US Pricing

  Monthly Price Yearly Price
Local Number $9 $99
Toll-Free 8xx Number $19 $199

country_canada.png  Canadian Pricing

  Monthly Price Yearly Price
Local Number $12 $119
Toll-Free 8xx Number $24 $249

We know you may have questions and we'd love to answer them. Please give us a call at 888.531.3012.