Real Time Delivery Confirmations

Delight your customers and reduce "are they there yet?" calls with real time delivery confirmations sent from our mobile delivery app.


One of the most important features in our mobile floral delivery app is the ability to send real time delivery confirmations by email and/or text message. This drastically reduces the time spent handling "do you know if my flowers have been delivered yet?" calls and delights customers.

More Important Than Ever

As labor continues to get scarcer and more expensive efficiency is critical. Real time delivery confirmations from the FloristWare Mobile Delivery App don't just delight your customers, they save you from wasting time on "are they there yet?" phone calls.

All the research shows that real time delivery confirmations dramatically improve customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty but the truth is that – pretty much everywhere else but the flower business – they have become standard. Sending real time delivery confirmations is not just a way to set yourself above and apart from your competition, it's also essential to keep you from falling behind.

"Real time delivery confirmations are vital because delivery is the moment that matters most, and “once you can own the moment that matters, you build a loyal customer base.”"

- Sucharita Mulpuru Forrester Research eBusiness and Channel Strategy Expert

Flower Shop Network Delivery Confirmations

FloristWare doesn't just send delivery confirmations to the customer, it also automatically sends them to Flower Shop Network on all of your incoming FSN web and F2F orders. It's just one more part of our industry leading Flower Shop Network integration.


It Works With Your Website Orders As Well

Our delivery confirmations are not just for phone orders. FloristWare also lets you send delivery confirmations for orders placed on any of the popular ecommerce website platforms for florists we integrate with including...

Flower Shop Network | Strider Florist 2.0 | Epic Shops | GravityFree Flower Manager

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