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Hungarian Florist Association is the official florist association of Hungary

About the Hungarian Florists Association

The Hungarian Professional Association of Florists and Florists Entrepreneurs was established on November 18, 2012. The association was founded by 12 florists and sympathizers. Today, it is still one of the only professional organization that compresses florists provides them with a mass of information that provides constant renewal.

The aim of the association is to improve the professional standard of flower arranging in Hungary, as well as to increase the recognition of the flower arranging profession, and to promote it to the general public.

Their association brings together florists and florists in Hungary. They organize professional trainings, individual and group exhibitions, flower arranging competitions for their members. The events, programs and information materials organized by their association are all important tools to promote the continuous self-education of our members.


Hungarian Florist Association
+36 30 952 9480

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Hungarian Professional Association of Florists
 Florists Entrepreneurs 6000
Kecskemét Csányi J- u. 1-3. 2nd floor 212.

Last Updated: 05/21/2021


This organization is a member of FLORINT, an international non-profit group that represents and supports the florist associations of the world, improves the businesses of floral entrepreneurs and nurtures the flower industry as a whole.