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These associations operate at the national level and are devoted to helping florists succeed in specific countries.

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The American Floral Endowment (AFE) funds floriculture and horticulture research and scholarships to benefit the retail floral industry and general public.
The American Insititue of Floral Designers (AIFD) advances the art of professional floral design through education, service and leadership, while recognizing the achievement of excellence in this art form.
AmericanHort, the consolidated of OFA/ANLA, is the leading national horticulture association and the largest association for garden retailers in the world.
The Australian Floral Art Association (AFAA) is a non-profit organization serving as the parent body for regional floral art associations across Australia.
For over 65 years the British Florist Association (BFA) has provided its members with a number of tools and services to run their businesses successfully.
The Canadian Academy of Floral Art (CAFA) is dedicated to recognizing floral design as an art form, and floral designers who can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.
The ESFA represents the floral, gardening and lifestyle industry by advancing global competitiveness, sharing trends and inspiring members, retailers & consumers.
FDF has been the official organization for the floral industry in Germany since 1904.
Federazione Nazionale Fioristi (Federfiori) is the National Federation of Italian florists, dedicated to promoting their interests both in Italy and the EU.
Formerly the National Federation of Florists in France (FNFF), this organization educates and promotes the interests of the floral industry in France.
FLORINT (International Florist Organization) is an umbrella organization that represents the national florist associations of 20+ European countries.
First formed in 1987, the Flower Association of Queensland Inc (FAQI) is the premier association for the Queensland cut flowers and foliage industry.
Flowers Canada is the floriculture organization of choice for florists, distributors, growers and educators in Canada and is the leader in advancing and protecting our member interests through communications, education, marketing and representation.
Florists For Change was a not-for-profit organization of retail florists that changed their name to Real Local Florists in 2014.
Flowers Victoria is the industry leader for Victorian flower growers who produce 40% of the national production of cut flowers in Australia.
The Holiday & Decorative Association (HDA) formerly the American Floral Industry Association (AFIA) represents, promotes and supports the commercial and creative efforts of the holiday and decorative industries.
The Institute of Professional Florists (IPF) upholds the professional status of UK florists through the highest standards for training and qualification.
The National Alliance of Floral Associations (NAFA) helps florist associations exchange ideas, improve programs and better serve their florist members.
First formed in 1973, the NSWFAS strives to meet the needs of exhibition, competition and education for its members across the State.
New Zealand Professional Florists Inc. (NZPF) is a non-profit association founded to raise the standards of floristry in New Zealand.
Bringing the floral community together: The Professional Florists’ Association of New South Wales gives florists the opportunity to network and engage.
A not-for-profit organization of florists formerly known as "Florists For Change" changed their name to "Real Local Florists Inc." in 2014.
For over 80 years, the RUBF has represented the interests of professional florists in Belgium, to help grow and protect the industry.
The Swiss Florists Association (SFV) was founded in 1920 and is dedicated to the growth of the floral industry in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
The Society Of American Florists (SAF) represents all segments of the US floral industry and provides it with a strong unified voice in Washington, DC.
Located in Brussels Union Fleurs represents, promotes and defends the interests of the international floricultural trade throughout the world.
A member of the AFAA, the West Australian Floral Art Society Inc. is the recognized association for floral art in Western Australia.
The World Floral Expo is a premiere event for floral industry professionals who wish to network with vendors and flower growers from around the world.
Austrian Federal Guild of Florists & Gardeners | Austria
The Croatian Guild of Florists is a national floral guild
The Danish Florist Association (Danske Blomsterhandlere) is the official association of florists in Denmark.
The Finnish Florist Association is the official associations of florists in Finland
The German Federal Guild of Florists (FDF) is the official florists association of Germany
The Dutch Florist Association (VBW) is official florists association of the Netherlands
Norwegian Florist Association is the official association of florists in Norway
Polish Florist Association (SFP) is the official florists association of Poland
Russian National Guild of Florists is the official association of florists in Russia
Slovenian Florist Association is the official association of florists in Slovenia
Spanish Florist Association (Aefi) is the official florists association of Spain
Czech Florist Association is the official association of florists in Czechia
Florist Association and Chinese Interflora is the official association of florists in China
The official floral association of Korea
Estonian Association of Professional Florists is the official association of florists in Estonia
Romanian Florist Association (AADF) is the official association of florists in Romania
Society of Ukrainian Florists is the official association of florists in the Ukraine
Ibero-American School of Floral Art (EIAF) is the official florists association of Latin America
Hungarian Florist Association is the official florist association of Hungary