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Spanish Florist Association (Aefi) is the official florists association of Spain

About AEFI

The Spanish Association of Florists (AEFI) is a non-profit professional association that has established itself as the most representative employer and the only business organization in the national field of the florist trade sector.

Currently, it has close to a total of almost 900 associated florists present throughout Spain with a projection of growth in the medium - long term.

Its main objective, according to Article 3 of its Bylaws, is defined as the representation, management and defense of the business interests of its associates, promoting and facilitating their training and professional development, and encouraging the consumption of flowers, plants and complementary items.


Spanish Florist Association
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Julián Camarillo


Last Updated: 04/08/2021


This organization is a member of FLORINT, an international non-profit group that represents and supports the florist associations of the world, improves the businesses of floral entrepreneurs and nurtures the flower industry as a whole.