Greater Seattle Floral Association – GSFA

The GSFA helps floral designers in the Greater Seattle area achieve success by raising the level of education and professionalism in the floral industry.

The Greater Seattle Floral Association (GSFA) is organization of professional, independent floral designers serving Western Washington State. Customers ordering flowers from one of their members can rest assured that they will be receiving the very best flowers in the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound area. GSFA members take pride in not just their designs but also their customer service, and their attention to detail reflects the highest standards.

The GSFA strives to assist independent floral designers in their pursuit of career success by raising the level of education and professionalism in the floral industry.



The GSFA may, to some extent, fill the void left by the demise of the Puget Sound Professional Florists Association, one of too many floral industry associations that have shut down over the past two decades, and seems to have ceased operations and been dissolved in 2008.



Floral designers working in the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound area are invited to apply for membership in the GSFA. The next step is to attend one of the monthly GSFA meetings, then submit an application with a portfolio of original floral design work.


Buy Local

The GSFA is proud to be a strong supporter of the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.

This farm-owned cooperative of local flower growers is committed to sustainable agriculture and seeks to raise the level of excellence in the floral industry. GSFA members use these locally and organically grown products in their designs whenever possible. The goal is to make it easier and more affordable for customers to have a eco-friendly flowers without sacrificing an ounce of beauty.


Greater Seattle Floral Association

Anne Bradfield

Last Updated: 05/25/2021