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Associations that at one time served florists and the floral industry.

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Allied Florists of Houston is a professional trade association of retail florists, wholesale florists, growers and associate members.
For well over one hundred years the ANLA advocated on behalf of, and ensured a viable future for, all aspects of the plant and horticulture industry.
Established in 1938 the Connecticut Florists Association (CFA) existed to support Connecticut retail florists and the retail floral industry until it came to an end in 2020.
The Michigan Floral Association (MFA), founded in 1920, is now known as the Great Lakes Floral Association (GLFA) and continues to thrive as a full-service trade association representing florists, growers, suppliers, wholesalers, educators and students.
The Retail Florists Alliance is a regional floral association that gives florists the opportunity to meet, talk and share their knowledge and ideas.

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