Minnesota State Florist Association (MNSFA)

The Minnesota State Florist Association (MNSFA) adds value & profitability to Minnesota florists, providing benefits that improve their bottom line.


The Minnesota State Florist Association (MNSFA) is an organization of retail florists, floral designers and product wholesalers joined together to increase public awareness and drive consumers to local Minnesota floral retailers through marketing promotions, social events and educational seminars.



The Twin City Florists’ and Gardener’s Club formed in 1907 and became the Minnesota State Florists’ Association just one year later in 1908.

The Minnesota Florists’ Public Relations Committee was established in 1950 and merged with the Minnesota State Florists’ Association ten years later in 1960 to create the Minnesota Allied Florists’ Association. The name was changed to the North Central Florists Association in 1969. At a time when allied floral associations were very strong all across the county the NCFA was the largest with over 1000 members.

In 1997 the group dissolved. but was reformed in 2006 with Tom Johnson (A. Johnshon and Sons Floral) at the helm. Since then the MNSFA has continued to have a strong presence and has been of tremendous to both the florists and flower buying public of Minnesota.


Shop Minnesota Florists Website

A public-facing MNSFA website, Shop Minnesota Florists, was dedicated to protecting hard working Minnesota Florists. It helped them make direct connections to the consumer, eliminating the middlemen and order-gatherers that so often eat up much of the profit in the floral industry. The website provided retail consumer with the knowledge and confidence to trust their business to a capable and qualified, Minnesota state florist. Unfortunately this website appears to have been offline since some time in 2021.



The Minnesota State Florist Association created a certification program for retail florists called the Minnesota Certified Florist (MNCF). A Minnesota Certified Florist is a florist who has proven they have professional expertise and passed a certification process. They join select group of floral professionals who have made a commitment to individual excellence within this industry.


The Professional Certified Florist Program is one of the most complete floral education programs in the industry. It is designed to benefit everyone in a flower shop – from sales to designers to shop owners – and provides a standard of professional excellence which is recognized throughout the industry.

The Certified Florist Program (MNCF) is an on-line certification program consisting of nine courses pertaining to all aspects of floral design and daily flower shop operations. In addition to the online component three hands-on design courses are offered in a classroom setting. A final test covering all twelve of the aforementioned courses certifies the applicant as a Master Florist. It provides recognition for a standardized, professional level of knowledge and expertise and is a renewable, “continuing education” form of certification.

The program was created by the MNSFA and is administered by the Minnesota Florists Association MNCF Committee in conjunction with a volunteer committee that includes industry experts, university and high school instructors and florist designers. This certification program has existed since 1985 and has been offered throughout the USA and Canada.

The MNCF is solely and exclusively a voluntary program sponsored by the Minnesota Florists Association. It is not in any way connected with any agency of the state or federal government.


Minnesota Certified Florists Receive:

    • Recognition of their industry peers
    • A certificate of their achievement, which can be displayed at their place of employment letting customers and co-workers aware of the accomplishment.
    • Right to use the CF (National recognition as a Certified Florist) designation.
    • Approved pathway to achieve accreditation of the AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers)
    • Door stickers for your shop and camera-ready artwork for advertising and promotional artwork. MNSFA will prepare and mail a news release announcing the achievement to your local newspaper.



MNSFA Retail Florist of the Year

In 2013 Annette Hentz, lovely person, talented florist and one of our favorite clients, received some great news at the Minnesota State Florists Association Annual Convention. During the gala dinner on Saturday night her shop, Carver Flowers, was named 2010 Retail Florist of the Year.

We were stunned, as we are a small community florist that is relatively new to the floral industry. But we were assured that the award is not given to the largest floral retailer, nor to the one who has been in business the longest. Rather, the award is given to "the active Association member who has promoted high standards and professionalism not only to the industry, but also to the community that they serve."

We sincerely thank MNSFA for this honor!

Annette Hentz, Carver Flowers



Minnesota State Florist Association

Last Updated: 10/21/2023