Ozark Florist Association (OFA)

The Ozark Florist Association (OFA) partners with retail florists to provide education, design ideas, networking opportunities and more.

The Ozark Florist Association (OFA) was founded in 1947 and supports florists in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. For close to 70 years they have been partnering with florists to provide education, design ideas, networking opportunities, and so much more!

The official Ozark Florist Association website has been down for years but they maintain a presence on their Facebook page. Their last event was a 70th Anniversary convention and celebration in October 2017.


2015 Ozark Florist Association Convention and Expo

The 2015 Ozark Florist Association Convention and Expo was held at the Downstream Resort in Quapaw Oklahoma and FloristWare sponsored a session on sales and service called "Outstanding Service in Your Shop".

The session was presented by Sam Bowles AIFSE of FloralStrategies – an outstanding sales and service trainer and excellent speaker. He got great reviews sharing a presentation with FloralStrategies founder Tim Huckabee at SAF Retail Growth Solutions in June, and this time he did it on his own.


The session included a unique sales test to help the florists in attendance to gauge how well they were currently selling and serving customers. They then learned how to stop interrogating customers and asking non-productive questions – questions that make you sound less credible and professional, and result in fewer and smaller sales.

The florists left armed with new questions and an improved vocabulary – one that would make you sound more polished and professional... leading to more and larger sales, and happier customers.

FloristWare was glad to be able to sponsor this session as part of our commitment to help florists and the retail floral industry as a whole.


Ozark Florist Association

2303 S Campbell Ave Springfield, MO 65807

Last Updated: 10/21/2023