The Flower Podcast

The Flower Podcast is for anyone who cares about the retail flower business. It features floral industry trend setters, designers, growers, and other floral thought leaders.

Hosted by industry veteran Scott Shepherd this popular podcast has something for everyone in the retail flower business. Featuring discussions with industry leaders like Ian Prosser and Mandy Majerik it is a great way to fill the time florists spend commuting, visiting wholesalers, delivering flowers, etc.

In one popular episode Tim Huckabee, Founder and President of FloralStrategies joined in to talk about how florists can change their mindset, better listen to their customers, price more profitably and continue to educate themselves about the flower business. Tim Huckabee is well known in the flower business but if you've never seen an extended live session with him (maybe you've only seen his articles in a magazine for retail florists) this podcast is a great place to start. It shows just how hard won what he teaches really his. The FloralStrategies sales method isn't theoretical, it was developed the hard way, and it works. If you aren't already using it this podcast should give you the motivation to try.

It's also a great way to discover other podcasts, blogs and resources related to running a retail flower shop.

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The Flower Podcast

Scott Shepherd

Last Updated: 11/20/2023