Floriology Institute – Floral Design Classes

The Floriology Institute gives you the tools you need to succeed as a florist through online learning, hands-on in-person classes, events and more.

The Floriology Institute gives retail florists education and training in all aspects of the floral industry – not just design but business, marketing and more. Subject matter is presented by true experts in the field – people like Jackie Lacey AIFD, Renato Sogueco and more. They offer a number of products and services delivered through a varriety of channels to ensure that every florist can benefit:


Floriology Now Online Learning

Learn online at your our own time and pace from the best floral design and business educators in the industry.


Floriology Institute Hands-On Classes

Design courses taught by the best nationally-certified AIFD instructors at a state-of-the-art facility in Jacksonville Florida. 


Floriology Digital Marketing

Expand your online reach and increase sales with a comprehensive digital marketing agency.


Floriology Magazine

Insights on  the latest trends, best business practices and inspiring ideas. 


Floriology On-The-Road: Trade Shows & Events 

Bringing Floriology content to floral conventions, shows and events across the country.


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Last Updated: 10/04/2022

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