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SAF's Congressional Action Days is an opportunity for members of the floral industry (growers, wholesalers & retailers) to advocate and support that industry.

SAF Congressional Action Days is an oppurtununity floral industry peers to connect, bond, and talk to their members of congress about the current outlook and plan for how to confront and deal with the issues facing the floral industry.

Participants are able to influence and advocate for the issues most pressing to all members of the floral industry – things like pending minimum wage legislation, affordable access to fresh product, access to a reliable labor force and funding for floriculture research. This is a chance to be herd by the people that make the policy.


Who is Congressional Action Days for?

CAD is run by the Society of American Florists (SAF). Founded in 1884, SAF has been connecting and supporting florists across America for over 135 years and this event is another step in improving and advocating for the floral industry.


What takes place at CAD?

Congressional Action Days involves a number of events including...

CAD Kickoff
Attendees meet for a kickoff session that typically includes a number of speakers. These typically include politicians (past and present) who will break down the current environment in Washington D.C. and explain what it means for floriculture industry issues. 

These will also be a briefing from SAF’s lobbyists on the key messages, strategies and talking points that SAF wants delivered during later meetings.

Congressional and Agency Meetings
SAF arraanges meetings for each state delegation, allowing them to talk to their lawmakers about how issues affect their side of the industry, and how they – as elected representatives, can help

SAFPAC Fundraiser
Buy ing a ticket to this once a year event helps fund the lobbying efforts of SAF’s Political Action Committee.

Open Mic Wrap-Up
Attendees get a chance to share their personal highlights and takeaways from this event.


When do Congressional Action Days take place?

CAD is an annual event and usually takes place in early to mid March.


Where are Congressional Action Days held?

CAD is always held in Washington (attendees are visitng the government offices on Capitol Hill). The hotel typically changes from year to year but is usually located in Alexandria VA. Check out the official information page on the SAF website to learn more: Event Info


Why attend SAF CAD?

SAF wants to give everyday members of the floral industry their chance to talk about and draw attention to the issues facing their business and the industry as a whole. During the event attendees are able to talk to and hear from at least one member of congress about current issues regarding the floral industry, and how they plan to tackle and solve these problems. It is also an outstanding opportunity to get a close look at the inner workings of American government.

Latest News About Congressional Action Days

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic Congressional Action Days 2021 will be virtual but retain the same key features that make it so important.

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Last Updated: 05/19/2021