Envelopes for Invoices and Statements

FloristWare uses best practices on invoices and statements to ensure your account customers pay you quickly.

Envelopes for Invoices and Statements

The invoices and statements that FloristWare generates are optimized to fit into a #9 Double Window envelope. These envelopes are 3-7/8" x 8-7/8" in size and are widely available. The statements are formatted so that when folded and placed in the envelope both the mailing address (where the statement should go) and your return address (where the envelope will be returned if it can't be delivered) they will appear perfectly aligned in the two windows.

Invoices and statements also include a return slip at the bottom of the first page. Just like the one you find on your credit card statements the idea is for the customer to detach this slip and include it when they remit payment. This of course makes it easier for you to record the payment – the return slip has all of the information that you need to locate the account and enter the details. For shops that have a bar code scanner a bar code can also be included – you just scan the bar code and FloristWare will pull up the account.

The return slip is optimized for a slightly different size envelope. It is formatted to go into a #8 Double Window envelope. These #8 envelopes are 3-5/8" x 8-5/8", which is just a little smaller than the #9 envelopes you use to send the statements.

Why the difference? This way you can take the statement and a #8 envelope, put them together into a #9 envelope and mail the whole thing to your customer.

This makes for faster and more accurate payment. The account holder doesn't have to look around for an envelope, or worry about addressing it. They just tear off the return slip and place it in the provided #8 envelope along with their payment. They now have an envelope addressed to you and ready to go.

This really does help you get paid faster and with fewer lost payments. Think about credit card companies – this is the way they do it because they know it works!