Free Marketing For Your Flower Shop With Receipts, Invoices, Statements & More

With just a little effort the documents a florist generates anyway (like receipts, invoices and statements) can act as free marketing that increases flower shop sales and order values.

Free Marketing For Your Flower Shop With Receipts, Invoices, Statements & More

Florists today are increasingly likely to rely on technology to help maximize their sales and productivity. From taking orders to scheduling deliveries, your POS system makes life easier. 

However, in speaking with florists every day, we hear a common lament - that even with all the technology in their shop, they feel they could be doing a better job of marketing their business.

We understand that in a busy shop marketing can sometimes fall to the wayside, but we have great news for you. There is an easy way to increase your reach, and it doesn’t involve creating new ads or spending money.

If you are sending email receipts or delivery confirmations to clients, make sure to add a one or two-line sales pitch at the bottom of every one. 

It’s that simple, but oh so effective. Research shows that receipts and other order-related email communications have a higher open rate than other marketing emails - almost 70% higher in fact! 

Here are some basic Do’s & Don’ts of receipt and delivery confirmation marketing: 

  • DO change the message as often as you can. This will help your client feel like each message is custom-created for them.
  • DO  make your message seasonal: 

“Valentine’s is fast approaching! Don’t forget to place your order by 
Feb 12 for guaranteed delivery!” 

“Let us design a Thanksgiving centerpiece you’ll be thankful for! Order today!” 


  • DO highlight an upcoming special promotion or remind them of your regular specials:

“Spring has sprung and we’re offering a 15% discount on all houseplants from April 1-5” 

“We offer cash-and-carry specials every Thursday and Friday from 4-6 pm. 
Start your weekend off beautifully with a bouquet of fresh flowers”


  • DO make it easy for them to act on any call to action by including a link to your site or your phone number in/adjacent to the one-liner. 
  • DO consider specials or coupons to turn first-time buyers into repeat customers. Use a coupon with an expiry date to incentivize them to order again.
  • DON’T lose the focus of the receipt or delivery confirmation by including too many offers. To stay compliant of spam laws, limit yourself to one or two.


Learn more about how FloristWare makes customizing your email receipts and confirmations easy.