Tracking Advertising – Example of A Very Effective Approach

A transit poster promoting a theatrical production illustrates a very effective start to tracking advertising – something every florist should do.

Tracking Advertising – Example of A Very Effective Approach

Tracking the effectiveness of various advertising/marketing efforts is something common to almost all highly successful florists. They want to know what efforts work and what don't. If a particular effort does not work they will stop spending money on it and focus on efforts that produce.

FloristWare has some excellent tools in this regard, with sales tracking and reporting features that clearly show florists which advertising/marketing campaigns are effective (generate sales) and which aren't. The florist can then pull money out of the ineffective efforts and redirect to those that do work.

The tracking and reporting is a big part of the battle but here is an example of the other part – making it work with the consumer.


Getting Good Feedback

To track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts a florist needs to be able to see what efforts generate which sales. This can be accomplished with another feature in FloristWare, which lets you track sales by inbound phone number (attaching different phone numbers to different efforts), or by simply asking the customer – as with the AdTracker feature in FloristWare.

But there is another approach, used brilliantly in this example – a specific discount code.

The promise of a 10% discount incentivizes the consumer to provide the vendor with the code "TTC" which they can use to track the effectiveness of this campaign with great accuracy.


How It Works

The vendor has presumably placed posters and other advertisements in different venues. This one was on a TTC subway, the ones that appeared in Now magazine would likely use "NOW" as the promo code.

The consumer will be sure to provide that code when ordering because they want the discount. With that information in hand the vendor is now able to compare the effectiveness of the Now magazine effort vs the TTC effort. Which generated the most sales for each dollar spend on marketing?

FloristWare excels at that last part – helping florists see what marketing works and what doesn't. This is a great example of how to feed FloristWare great information so it can provide florists with accurate and helpful marketing reports.