Integration With GravityFree FlowerManager Websites

Save time and reduce mistakes by connecting your GravityFree website to FloristWare, and eliminate the thousands in monthly fees charged by wire services.

GravityFree FlowerManager is a flexible ecommerce system designed specifically to let flower shops customize their website so as to best represent their unique brand. The features and customization options are nearly limitless but managing GravityFree websites and responding to changes in supply, market demand and holidays is easy. GravityFree websites were also designed from the ground up not just for florists but to look great and make ordering flowers easy on all devices and generate well over a hundred million dollars in sales annually.

Florists that connect their GravityFree FlowerManager website to FloristWare enjoy having their ecommerce orders come right into their floral POS, where they can enjoy all of the features FloristWare offers to make preparing, delivering and confirming orders easy and efficient – things like our production and delivery managementmobile floral delivery app and delivery confirmation system. They are also able to do all their reporting from one place.

Florists across the country do this hundreds of times every day, and with none of the outrageous per-order fees charged by wire service POS systems. For some of our clients that had previously integrated their GravityFree website with a wire service POS system this saves them thousands of dollars every single month.

Contact us to see how FloristWare can make working with GravityFree orders easy and affordable.

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 | 12:15 AM


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