Convenience & Lower Rates With Global Payments

FloristWare users enjoy lower rates and full integration with the advanced credit card payment terminals from TSYS/Global Payments.

Many FloristWare users rely on our integration with Global Payments for their credit card processing needs. We have been dealing with them for over fifteen years (first as Merchant Warehouse, then as TSYS, then as Cayan and now as Global Payments) and during that time they have showed that they understand the retail flower business, with its unique mix of online, in-person and phone transactions and consistently save our clients money.


What Makes Global Payments A Good Fit For Retail Florists?

Some of the things that florists love about Global Payments include:

  • Low rates. They have been working with florists and they get it.
  • Secure modern payment terminals that help reduce your processing costs and let your customers pay they way they want to pay: tap, chip & PIN, Apple Pay, etc.
  • Full integration for phone orders – just enter the card information into FloristWare which will then process it through Global Payments.


Limitations To Global Payments

There are some limitations to the Global Payments integration:

Partial Integration (Good)

With a partial integration phone orders are handled within FloristWare. You enter the card details and FloristWare processes the card.

When taking in-person (card-present sales) sales FloristWare tells you owe much is owed. You then enter this amount into a non-integrated payment terminal, wait for the customer to complete the payment and tell FloristWare when it is complete.


  • Complete freedom when selecting merchant service provider (as long as they can provide an gateway account this will work) and payment terminal hardware


  • gateway account is required, this is set up by your merchant service provider and they may charge an additional fee
  • Less convenient, you have to enter the amount owing into the payment terminal and tell FloristWare when it is complete
  • More potential for human error

Full Integration (Best)

With a full integration both card-present (in-person) sales and phone orders are handled by FloristWare.

In the case of phone orders the user enters the card details and FloristWare processes it.

When taking in-person sales FloristWare tells a compatible swiper/terminal how much is owed and waits for the customer to complete the payment.


  • Faster & more convenient, you don't ever need to enter the amount owing into the payment terminal
  • Less possibility of human error


  • Some limitation of options, if you want a fully integrated smart terminal you will have to choose from one of two two carefully vetted and time-tested merchant service providers.

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