Serious Security & Access Control

Your data is valuable. FloristWare gives you powerful options to protect it.


Consider your customer list and order history - something every current (and future) competitor would love to have, and something you could sell one day if you ever wanted to. What about your financial information and sales figures... would you prefer to keep that information confidential? And what about employees hours and wages - does your life get easier or harder if that information can be seen any staff member?

Most POS systems do almost nothing to protect you - anyone that uses the system has access to all your data.

FloristWare protects you by protecting your data!


Choose How Users Get Access To Data

It all starts when a user signs in to the system - a process called 'authentication' that balances security and convenience. FloristWare lets you choose the balance that is right for you.

Not worried about security? Then it's really easy - the user just clicks their name from a list. You can choose tighter security a PIN option (where each user enters a short PIN number) or go all the way by requiring a username and password, or by swiping or scanning an ID card.

The choice is up to you.


Choose Who Can See And Do What

Authentication keeps track of who is coming and going. The next step involves what can they can see and do.

Most systems allows all users to see and do everything. A few group these privileges into broad categories - manager accounts that can do everything and employee accounts that can do almost nothing.

FloristWare lets you set the availaibility of each separate workflow/task and report for each individual employee. You control exactly who can see and do what.

What is this important? You know that star designer you have, the one that really wants to open their own shop? Or the sales clerk that isn't really happy and has been looking for work with a competitor? This feature can prevent them from accessing your valuable marketing information, or seeing what the other employees makes.

But it's even more powerful than that when it comes to reporting. First you get to specify whether each individual employee can access each individual report. You also get to decide whether they can see any grand totals - for example you might want a delivery manager to run a report of all the deliveries for the month but not let them see the total of the sales that go along with it.

You also get to determine whether the user can print and/or export the report data. You might want an employee to be able to generate and see a report of marketing information but not export the customer list that goes along with it.


Additonal Protection For Whatever You Feel Is Most Important 

At the start we talked about authentication - having a user confirm their identity by signing and then limiting their access based on their user profile.

Once a user has signed in they generally stay signed in - they don't have to reauthenticate each time they start a new task. Unless of course you want them to.

Why would you? Let's say that you, the owner (who has access to everything), are signed in at station and have been taking orders. Your probably don't want to reauthenticate between each order so you stay signed in.

Now you have to step away for a minute - maybe to sign for a delivery. While you are gone another employee comes along and has full access. They can see and do the things you don't want them to, and they can do it under your name.

How do we prevent this? By protecting sensitive tasks and reports by requiring reauthentication. In other words if a user wants to do something sensitive they need to sign in again so we can confirm that they really do have access.

What tasks are considered sensitive and protected by this feature? Whatever ones you want. You tell FloristWare what tasks require reauthentication and it looks after the rest. Any time a user attempts one of those tasks it will force them to reauthenticate.

We even go one-step further: You can protect tasks not just with reauthentication but with a second stronger password. You just tell the system that you consider certain tasks so sensitive that just reauthenticating isn't enough  - the user has to use the stronger level 2 password.

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