Fédération Française des Artisans Fleuristes (FFAF)

Formerly the National Federation of Florists in France (FNFF), this organization educates and promotes the interests of the floral industry in France.

The Fédération Française des Artisans Fleuristes (FFAF) represents the professional floral industry in France and it’s territories. Its aim is to educate, promote and represent the industry on professional, economic, and ecological perspectives. 

The FFAF is a member of the National Confederation of Craft Trades and Services (CNAMS), the Professional Union Artisanale (UPA) and the National Confederation of Horticultural Trade.

The FFAF sponsors the following contests and competitions:

  • National final of the Cup of France Florists 
  • National Final of the Oscar for Young Florists 
  • The Golden Trophy Petal 
  • One of the Best Workers in France, Floral Art Class 
  • One of the Best Apprentice of France, Floral Art class 
  • WorldSkills, Floral Art section

 The association is also responsible for the creation of Fleurs de Francethe professional journal of technical and economic information on the French floral trade.

Fédération Française des Artisans Fleuristes
01 40 40 25 00

[email protected]

17 rue Janssen
75019 Paris

Last Updated: 05/23/2021