FloraMart: “One-Stop Shopping” For The Floral Industry

Billed as "The Best Place In the World to Buy Florist Supplies" FloraMart is a complete “one-stop shopping” facility serving the floral industry.

FloraMart was conceived years ago as a facility to enable the purchase of non-perishable floral products & related supplies located in Atlanta, Georgia, which had become a primary floral purchasing destination.
FloraMart was originally set up as a showroom located in the warehouse area of the Pete Garcia Company headquarters for certain parts of the year. The rest of the time it continued to be used as a distribution facility for the parent company.
Eventually FloraMart moved to another site rougly two blocks from their original home at the Pete Garcia Company. The new permanent location was a hit with wholesale buyers and FloraMart became known as a true "One Stop Shopping" destination for floral hardgoods with everything from basic essentials to the latest fashion items under one roof.