FloristWare: Best Reviewed/Highest Rated Floral POS Software

Thanks to all the florists that have made FloristWare the best reviewed/highest rated floral POS/flower shop software on the review site

FloristWare: Best Reviewed/Highest Rated Floral POS Software

Early last week we started hearing from florists that thought they were being spammed by a company called Software Advice. They had received emails from this company asking them to rate/review the FloristWare POS system on their website.

This was definitely not something we had (or would) initiate. The company and request was legitimate but it was not done on our behalf or at our request. Somehow the people at Software Advice had tracked down some of our clients and reached out to them on their own.

We were a little worried about how florists might react. Our clients are busy, and a request like this is an imposition, one that looked like it came from us.

Fortunately we work with really amazing flower shops who like FloristWare enough to spare their time and share some positive feedback.


I highly recommend this for shops that need an affordable point of sale system with many features.

Darrel is a smart operator and owner of LaJolla Village Florist, a fantastic shop that delivers throughout the San Diego area. In fact they were voted the best florist in San Diego by City Search.


I love the ease of use, all employees have had no problem learning how to use the program. The marketing features like reminder notices and the customer points has been of great value to increasing sales and customers love the reminders and points. The staff at FloristWare has always been terrific to work with from explaining a feature to resolving any issues that have ever arose. The owner is a pleasure to speak with and try to accommodate special request.

Joan owns two wonderful flower shops that serve Syracuse and Dewitt NY. She was one of the very first flower shops to use the FloristWare ecommerce website integration with the Florist 2.0 website platform from Strider.


There is very little I don't like about FloristWare. It does everything I need. New features are continually added to the software, and older features are updated regularly to allow superior customer service from us to our clients.

This came from Rosie at Quince Flowers – a beautiful upscale florist serving Toronto and the GTA that was one of our original clients.


Support - from the research to the set up and from training to ongoing help desk - unparalleled. Response time for any question was the best I've ever experienced with POS systems.

Dawn had a marketing background and had a special appreciation for the marketing features in FloristWare. She has since left retail and works as an advertising and marketing consultant and author of an excellent marketing blog.


Floristware is not only a POS, recording sales transactions and facilitating credit card processing. It's also a complete marketing and reporting system. Reports are dynamic and robust - anything I need to measure, in any time frame, I can get from Floristware. If the hard-coded reports don't do it for me, the report data can be exported to Excel and manipulated there. I can gather informed data on my customers and reach out to them from a position of strength knowing that I can measure their shopping habits with me and contact them in various forms with targeted marketing campaigns. The vendor is superb - friendly, responsive and dedicated to the support of their customers. Floristware is a partner in my business, not just a tool.

Annette has a lovely (and recently renovated) shop that serves both Carver and Chaska MN. She has been a pleasure to work with over the years. She is a Minnesota Certified Florist and in 2010 her shop was named the Retail Florist of the Year by the Minnesota State Florists Association.


It's easy to get a cheap POS or even have a spreadsheet, but FloristWare has secret methods that help raise our average order, up our customer lifetime value and up-sale.

Leslie runs Enchanted Florist, a lovely shop in Ashland Oregon. Hers was one of the very first shops to use the FloristWare integration with floral ecommerce websites from Epic Flowers. Her husband also helps out in the shop, taking full advantage of the marketing features in our POS system.


FloristWare is super easy to use and makes staff training a breeze! It integrates to my website and to wire service networks eliminating the need to retype incoming web and wire orders. It tracks orders from the sale to the design bench all the way to the final point of delivery. It stores customer histories and life events like birthday and anniversaries so we can recapture customers we have already pleased. FloristWare handles wedding and event quotes and payments and incorporates credit card processing and a cash register function all into one!

James is a talented and highly respected AIFD designer and owner of Lowes Floral and Garden Center, a fantastic flower shop serving Minot ND and the surrounding area. He was another client that was early to start using the integration with the Florist 2.0 website platform from Strider.


This product has all the features that any level of a retail florist needs to operate. It operates independently of other systems on the industry. You are in full control of your future, features and bank book. No hidden fees to just "show" up on a statement......

Rick wears many hats. He co-owns/operates A Floral Boutique Florist – a beautiful flower shop serving Ormond Beach/Daytona FL. He is also the creator of Florist Bootcamp, and a popular and highly respected speaker at many industry events. Rick is one of the best marketers in the flower industry, and he makes full use of all the marketing features in FloristWare. He also always has ideas for new features, ideas that we work hard to include.


I have worked with this software for years. I have visited dozens of shops running FloristWare and they're all happy with the product, the support and the continual development.

Tim Huckabee is the most respected sales trainer in the floral industry, founder of FloralStrategies, popular educator/speaker and author of the CSI Flower Shop column in Floral Management magazine.


The best part: FloristWare is independent software which can be used with any computer (Florists will understand when I say - not required to buy equipment and or credit card processing system) With FloristWare you buy your own equipment in any store or retailer you want, and you use any credit card processor you want. Now, wait for it - you can cancel at any time.

Amra is a wonderful client, talented florist and owner of a beautiful flower shop that serves Houston TX. She also uses the integration with the Florist 2.0 website platform.


We really can't thank these shops enough – first for being such wonderful clients, then for taking the time to review the software.

FloristWare is now the best reviewed and highest rated POS system for florists on the Software Advice website. There are other retail POS systems on there, but they aren't true floral POS systems that were designed and built with florists in mind. FloristWare is first among systems that were built to accommodate the special needs of florists, and we are incredibly grateful to our clients for making this happen.