Fachverband Deutscher Floristen: German Florist Association

FDF has been the official organization for the floral industry in Germany since 1904.

The FDF was originally founded as the “Association of German Flower Shop Owners" at the International Art Exhibition and Great Horticultural Exhibition, in September 1904 in Dusseldorf.  Today, it is comprised of 15 regional associations, totally 5,000 members. 

The tasks of the association include press and public relations, the development and dissemination of floral trends, sales and marketing support for the industry as well as trade fairs, presentations and competitions. The association also publishes the journal "florist" and various trade publications.

The FDF works closely with other industry associations such as the Central Horticultural Association, the Association of German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade (BGI), Fleurop and the Flower Council of Holland.

 FDF is member of FLORINT, The International Florist Association

Fachverband Deutscher Floristen (German Florist Association)
(0209) 9 58 77 - 0

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FDF-Bundesverband im FloristPark International
Theodor-Otte-Straße 17a
45897 Gelsenkirchen

Last Updated: 05/23/2021