Real Local Florists (RLF) – Formerly Florists For Change (FFC)

A not-for-profit organization of florists formerly known as "Florists For Change" changed their name to "Real Local Florists Inc." in 2014.

In late July 2014 the organization known at the time as Florists For Change held a Technology and Profit Summit alongside their annual national meeting at the Las Vegas World Market. At this time they announced their new name, Real Local Florists Inc.

Another change involved what had been known as the "associate member" program. It was terminated, and replaced by a new membership structure which includes two levels of membership, one for real local florists and the other for floral industry service providers and suppliers. These would be known as "industry partners", and FloristWare continues on with Real Local Florists in this capacity.

Real Local Florists (RLF) – Formerly Florists For Change (FFC)

Last Updated: 05/23/2021

Proud Supporter of FFC

FloristWare is proud to have been one of the four original associate members of Florists For Change.

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