Schweizerischer Floristenverband: Swiss Floral Association (SFV)

The Swiss Florists Association (SFV) was founded in 1920 and is dedicated to the growth of the floral industry in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

For close to a century the Swiss Florists Association (SFV) has represented the interests of the floral industry in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.  A non-profit organization, we focus on improving ethics, education/training, market services, marketing/PR, education, communication and environmental concerns for the industry.

 SFV is comprised of eight regional sections, connecting 660 member florists and 2800 employees. 

SFV is a member of FLORINT, The International Florist Association

Swiss Floral Association
41 44 751 81 81

[email protected]

Förliwiesenstrasse 4 
8602 Wangen 

Last Updated: 05/23/2021


This organization is a member of FLORINT, an international non-profit group that represents and supports the florist associations of the world, improves the businesses of floral entrepreneurs and nurtures the flower industry as a whole.