Allied Florists of Houston

Allied Florists of Houston is a professional trade association of retail florists, wholesale florists, growers and associate members.

Sadly the Allied Florists of Houston website appears to be offline suggesting that the organization may have folded, but the Texas State Florists Association (TSFA) continues to support florists in the area.


Allied Florists of Houston was an organization composed of all facets of the floral industry - retailers, wholesalers, growers, owners, managers and employees.

  • An allied was a forum where educational programs on a local level offered information necessary for professional growth and development.
  • An allied was a foundation where florists cooperatively worked together, shared common goals and through concerted actions achieved results.
  • An allied was an organization of individuals who strived to build an industry looking forward rather than simply settling for what was good enough today.

Allied Florists of Houston

Robin Martinez AAF, TMF

Allied Florists of Houston c/o Taylor Wholesale 1601 W. 21st St. Houston, TX 77008

Last Updated: 10/16/2023