Retail Florists Alliance

The Retail Florists Alliance is a regional floral association that gives florists the opportunity to meet, talk and share their knowledge and ideas.

A relatively new organization, the Retail Florists Alliance is based on a simple premise – that the best way for florists to learn new ideas for their retail flower shop is to talk to other florists. The idea has merit, and is of course what made FlowerChat (now know as the Florist 2.0 Community) the most important exchange of ideas and repository of floral knowledge.

The Retail Florists Alliance was formed in November 2015 by two florists and former members of the Real Local Florists Board of Directors, who described it as an East Coast Group.

Membership in the Retail Florists Alliance is listed as $40 USD/year for florists.

They have also announced an inaugural event, a brunch for florists at noon on Sunday, January 31, The event takes place at the Princetonian Diner in Princeton, New Jersey and the organizers promise fabulous food and valuable time spent with florists dealing with similar industry issues.


Retail Florists Alliance

Last Updated: 05/23/2021

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