Georgia Floral Association (GFA) Formerly the Georgia State Florists' Association (GSFA)

The Georgia Florist Association is a network of retail florists, designers, wholesalers and other industry professionals throughout the state who strive to be the best in the floral industry.

The Georgia Floral Association (GFA), formerly known as the Georgia State Florists' Association (GSFA), is a network of retail florists, designers, wholesalers and other industry professionals striving to be the best in the Georgia floral industry. Their goal is to inform, promote, and educate their members so that they may in turn better their businesses and provide their own customers with the highest quality product, design and service.

Founded in 1947 the GFA is a professional floral association for all aspects of the floral industry. GSA's purpose is to promote goodwill and cooperation within the floral industry and to support the University of Georgia in its efforts to be of service to the floriculture industry. The GFA collective is bound together by common interests, including students, retired florists, university professors, growers, wholesalers and researchers.


Design Competitions

To encourage experience, education and motivation the GFA holds two floral design competitions at their annual convention each year:

GFA Designer of the Year

Anyone that is current paid member of the GFA and has been for at least six months can pay a $100 non-refundable entry fee and participate in the Designer of the Year competition. Winner receives $500 cash, sponsorship of $500 if they choose to participate in national competition, and the opportunity to present a program at a future convention (if desired). First runner up receives a plaque and $300.00, second runner up receives a plaque and $200.00.

The Peach Cup Interpretive Design Competition

First place receives a trophy and $250 cash. Second place receives a cash prize of $150. Third place receives a cash prize of $50. Winnder of the People’s Choice Award will receive a plaque..

More information about these competitions can be found on the GFA website.



The GFA offers three scholarship opportunities to florists:

Cherokee Rose Scholarship

$1,000 that the recipient can use at any school or approved design show/program that is related to the floral industry.

GFA Continuing Education Scholarship

A $250 credit that can be applied towards the cost of any courses or events offered by the Georgia Floral Association.

GFA Certification Scholarship

This award goes to a member of the association and covers the cost of the registration fees associated with obtaining a Georgia Master Designer Certificate.

All GFA members can apply for these scholarships in the months before the annual GFA convention. Scholarships are awarded by the Scholarship Committee during the convention.



Georgia Floral Association (GFA)

Georgia State Florist Association

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National Alliance Of Floral Associations (NAFA)

This organization is a member of the National Alliance of Floral Associations (NAFA), a national non-profit organization that helps regional florist associations exchange ideas, improve programs and better serve their florist members.