National Alliance of Floral Associations (NAFA)

The National Alliance of Floral Associations (NAFA) helps florist associations exchange ideas, improve programs and better serve their florist members.

The National Alliance of Floral Associations (often referred to as NAFA) brings together leaders of the associations serving the US floral industry to learn, network, and better service their florist members through improved programs, training and benefits. 


Annual Meeting

Each year, on the first weekend in November, leaders of associations serving the US floral industry come together at the NAFA annual conference. In 2014 almost 50 floral leaders from over 20 industry associations met, and returned home better able to server their membership.

The NAFA annual meeting covers wide array of topics including member benefits, membership, marketing, communications, legislation and lobbying, education and certification, floral conventions and trade shows, finances, and much more.


National Designer Of The Year

The NAFA annual meeting also includes the National Designer Of The Year contest – a competition open to one representative from each NAFA member shop in good standing.

Contestant are required to make three designs on site – a bridal bouquet, reception centerpiece and corsage. They can bring only standard floral design tools – scissors, pliers, knife, stem cutters and wire cutters and have two hours to complete all three designs. All material (identical flowers, greens, accessories, containers and supplies including floral tape, oasis tape, utility wire, wooden picks, oasis, and oasis glue will be provided by NAFA. Using any other products or supplies results in disqualification.

The designs are judged following completion of the competition, with each entry being judged for individual merit in ten categories: Category Interpretation, Creativity, Scale (Proportional), Unity (Harmony Texture), Balance (Physical & Visual), Focal Emphasis, Line (Movement Rhythm), Depth, Color (Balance, Harmony & Rhythm) and Mechanics (Professional Application). The winner is announced at the awards presentation and receives a cash prize.



NAFA membership is open to any non-profit floral industry association in the USA, subject to the approval of the NAFA Board of Directors. Membership costs just $50 annually (payable the first weekend in October, before the Annual General Meeting).


Certified Florist Program

NAFA is the sponsor of the Certified Florist Program, a program designed to set a high standard of professional expertise in the floral industry. Certified florists must receive mandatory training and meet strict requirements assuring they can then provide the highest level of service to their retail customers. Ongoing education is a requirement, assuring that certified florists continue to follow the best design, service and business practices in the floral industry.

This certification program is offered by the following associations:


Arkansas Florists Association
Georgia State Florist Association
Great Lakes Floral Association (formerly the Michigan Floral Association)
Minnesota State Florist Association
Floral Association of the Rockies
Texas State Florists' Association
Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Florists' Association


The Certified Florist Program also includes a public facing consumer section. It aims to help the public understand the importance of dealing with certified florists, and helps steer them to qualified flower shops.



Dianna Nordman AAF
Texas State Florists Association
P.O. Box 170760
Austin, TX 78717

Kym Erickson
Soderberg's Floral and Gift
3305 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Rod Crittenden
Executive Vice President - Michigan Floral Association
1152 Haslett Rd. — P.O. Box 67
Haslett, MI 48840

NAFA Member Associations

American Floral Endowment (AFE)

American Floral Endowment (AFE)

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) funds floriculture and horticulture research and scholarships to benefit the retail floral industry and general public.

Arizona State Florists Association (ASFA)

ASFA is one of the oldest associations helping floral professionals statewide to work together to build a stronger, healthier industry, and positive image.
Floral Association of the Rockies (FAR)

Floral Association of the Rockies (FAR)

FAR (Floral Association of the Rockies) is dedicated to promoting integrity, professionalism, and comradery within the floral industry.
Georgia Floral Association (GFA)

Georgia Floral Association (GFA)

The Georgia Florist Association is a network of retail florists, designers, wholesalers and other industry professionals throughout the state who strive to be the best in the floral industry.
Illinois State Florists Association (ISFA)

Illinois State Florists Association (ISFA)

The Illinois State Florists Association (ISFA) was founded in 1905, and today it remains one of the most accomplished and recognized floral associations in the US.
Iowa Florists' Association (IFA)

Iowa Florists' Association (IFA)

The Iowa Florists' Association (IFA) represents the needs and interests of the floriculture industry in Iowa.
North Carolina State Florists Association (NCSFA)

North Carolina State Florists Association (NCSFA)

The North Carolina State Florists Association (NCSFA) is a non-profit organization; with the primary purpose to promote the love of floriculture in this State.
Oklahoma State Florists’ Association (OSFA)

Oklahoma State Florists’ Association (OSFA)

The Oklahoma State Florists’ Association (OSFA) serves the floral industry (retail florists, employees, designers) in Oklahoma and surrounding states.
South Dakota Florist Association (SDFA)

South Dakota Florist Association (SDFA)

The South Dakota Florist Association (SDFA) works to to advance the sale and service of flowers through education, events, and social functions: and to promote integrity, honesty, and professionalism in the floral industry.
Tennessee State Florists Assocation (TNSFA)

Tennessee State Florists Assocation (TNSFA)

The Tennessee State Florists Assocation (TNSFA) has been serving the floral industry for over sixty years.
Texas State Florists Association (TSFA)

Texas State Florists Association (TSFA)

The TSFA leads, unifies and promotes the floral industry while providing members with new ways to solve management problems and improve their skills.

National Alliance of Floral Associations (NAFA)

Rod Crittenden

1152 Haslett Road
P.O. Box 67 Haslett
MI 48840

Last Updated: 10/18/2021

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