Florida State Florists Association (FSFA)

Proudly serving the floral community for over 100 years

The Florida State Florist's Association (FSFA) is committed to providing education to both members of the floral industry and the public. Their objectives are to promote mutual understanding and foster the solidarity of all members; promote the interests and educate both members and the public in the floral industry; encourage high ethical standards in business and professional conduct and to do any and all things conducive to the betterment and ultimate welfare of all florists.

Florida Florist Fund Scholarships

FSFA makes a number of scholarships available to members and aspiring florists from the state of Florida. The FSFA Jeanne Parsons Scholarship awards the recipient with up to $1,000 to attend the FSFA Mid-Season Summit, an FSFA approved floral design school, the SAF Annual Convention or an AIFD Symposium. The FSFA William "Bill" Bobulinski Scholarship offers the recipient a chance to attend a class at the Floriology Institute in Jacksonville, Florida and is valued up to $1000. Applications for these two scholarships can be made on the FSFA website.

FSFA Past President Deborah De La Flor also introduced the Florida Florist Fund which provides additional scholarships to florists from the state. The Florida Florist Fund Southern Conference Scholarship is available to a florida-based non-AIFD designer requiring financial assistance to attend their first AIFD Southern Conference. The Florida Florist Fund Symposium Scholarship offers financial assistance to attend the annual AIFD National Symposium. Applications can be made on the FSFA Cares section of the FSFA website.


Florida State Florists Association
1-866-900-FSFA (3732)

Executive Director Robert Tucker AIFD CFD CFEJ FSMD

1024 West Main Street

Leesburg, Florida 34748


[email protected] 

Last Updated: 10/11/2022

Proud Supporter of the FSFA

FloristWare is pleased to be an FSFA member. We have also been fortunate enough to exhibit at several FRFA events and sponsor business speakers like Tim Huckabee of Floral Strategies and Rick Rivers of Florist Bootcamp.

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