All About Flowers

A mid-sized retail florist offering a welcoming environment offering full service and a complete line of floral and giftware items for any event or occasion.

FloristWare was the first POS system used in the shop. The software has proven itself to be a valuable tool in managing staff costs, cash flow, and marketing.

FloristWare has simpliflied the the training process for new employees, because the system is so easy to use. It virtually “walks” the staff through the order taking process. An important benefit, this saves time and money in getting new staff up to speed. This is in stark contrast to most other systems where it can take as much as a week to train new users on the basics.

The “Budget Tool” in FloristWare has proven very popular when dealing with price conscious clients. It allows staff to enter the clients’ total budget (what they’re prepared to spend) and FloristWare automatically backs out any applicable service and/or delivery charges and sales taxes. This shows the sales person how much money is left to spend on product.

In terms of marketing, All About Flowers has successfully used the e-mail feature as a more cost effective alternative to postcard mailers. When they want to advertise a special on products that they need to sell quickly, they can easily create a list of customers and/or recipients that can be as broad or specific as necessary. Each person on that list is automatically sent a customized e-mail with just a few clicks of the mouse.

FloristWare has also simplified Accounts Receivable. This is typically the single biggest benefit for any shop thinking of switching from a paper based system to a more efficient electronic system. Instead of recording an order on paper, entering it into the cash register, writing an enclosure card and delivery slip, and then –usually at a much later time or date- entering the order into an accounting program, FloristWare does it all at once. You enter the order (which in itself is easier then ever before having instant access to all the customer and recipient information) and FloristWare automatically prints the work order, the delivery slip and the enclosure card. It also provides the options of printing an invoice at that moment (formatted for a window envelope) or faxing or e-mailing it directly to the client. This feature is a much more efficient and cost effective way of managing the order taking process and keeping Accounts Receivable up to date. That translates into better cash flow and lower staff costs.