Blossoms Rosedale

A high-end flower shop makes the move from pen and paper to their first computerized floral POS software and saves time and money.


Rivers Reid-Ranscombe, the owner of Blossoms Rosedale, posted the following review of FloristWare online. FloristWare was the first POS system they had in their shop. As is often the case in situations like these they were reluctant to make the switch from paper to software, but quickly realized how much time and money they would save.

This is very rewarding. Florists work so hard – it feels great to help them get their free time back.River Reid-Ranscombe, Blossoms Rosedale

The Best Thing Since Pen and Paper

Thanks Floristware for bringing flowers out of the dark ages!

Comments Take a very busy flower shop, add a staff of pen-and-paper designer/order takers, and you have a paperwork nightmare that only a $$$ bookkeeper can straighten out. Who has the time? Or the money?? Floristware immediately cut our bookkeeping costs by 75% and simplified tax calculations into a click, click -- you're done! -- operation. It allows all of the customer tracking information we need: historical purchase patterns, important customer contact and billing information, personal preferences. Inventory control and sales reports are generated in an instant. Staff performance, sales breakdowns in every conceivable configuration. Frankly, more than we'll ever use, but good to know it's there.

Responsive service, intuitive user interface, simplified bookkeeping, client data storage and tax recording.

FloristWare gave us back our Sundays!

Thanks Floristware!

River Reid-Ranscombe – Owner, Blossoms Rosedale

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