Awesome Blossoms

This medium-sized shop, a first-time POS user located in a mall, uses the marketing features in FloristWare to increase both sales and average order size.

Awesome Blossoms is a medium size shop (1000 sq. ft.) with 2 full time 3 part time employees in a covered mall.

FloristWare was their first POS system, but they still found it very easy to use. In fact the owner of the shop sent us several e-mails over the course of her first few days with the software talking about just how easy it was.

She also embraced the marketing features very quickly. After just six weeks of using FloristWare she decided to try a quick little marketing campaign using the few customers she had been able to enter in such a short time. Here is how she described the result:


We tried the marketing features in Floristware for the first time just in time for Mother's Day. We created a mailing list of 300 names and mailed out a postcard 10 days before Mother's day. . We also did a follow up about 5 days with an email reminder. You could have knocked our socks off with the response! We had 48 orders - not responses - but 48 orders from the postcards. We are in the process of creating an agressive marketing campaign using Floristware and will let you know the results. The extra business I'm sure is more than paying for you program. Keep up the good work!


But FloristWare isn't just about generating more sales - it also helps you generate bigger sales. The people at Awesome Blossoms have found this to be true and use the "Spending History" feature to great advantage. This tool shows you what each customer spends on average at the start of each order so that you or your employees don't make the costly mistake of underselling them. If for example you have a customer who routinely spends (for example) $100 on each order you would never want to start an order by suggesting that you could do something for $50. However, this happens all too often at flower shops that are not using a POS system! FloristWare makes sure that this doesn't happen anymore.

The AdTracker feature is another marketing tool that has proven very helpful in increasing sales. This feature keeps track of which of your marketing efforts are generating the most business. For example, you simply tell FloristWare what you are doing to bring customers in to your store - things like Newspaper or Radio ads, Yellow Pages, Mobile Signs, etc. and FloristWare keeps track of which is most effective at bringing you new business. This allows you to concentrate your marketing budget on the things that are effective while reducing or eliminating your spending on the programs that don't work.

An unexpected benefit for this shop was being able to pull up an old receipt or invoice in a matter of seconds. Before they installed FloristWare that would have meant a lot of time looking through dusty boxes but now it just takes a few clicks. Even more exciting is the ability to print a duplicate (formatted to go into a window envelope) or e-mail-or fax a duplicate directly to the customer with just one more click.