Quince Flowers

A successful upscale shop in a trendy downtown location uses FloristWare to save time and money on bookkeeping by streamlining receivables.


Quince Flowers is a very successful upscale shop with a beautiful retail space in a trendy downtown location. They deal with A-list retail customers and corporate accounts.

The owner and employees were somewhat reluctant to make a move to a computer based system because, like many people in the flower business, they were more comfortable with flowers than computers. Fortunately they found FloristWare very easy to use and had a smooth transition from paper to software.


They love the way FloristWare handles accounts receivable. This is a very important part of their business as corporate customers charging to their accounts make up a large percentage of their sales.

In the past all orders were recorded on paper and then handed over to a bookkeeper who came once a week and generated and mailed the invoices. Now, the invoice is generated as soon as they order is placed and immediately (and automatically) sent to the customer by e-mail.


The advantages for Quince Flowers are huge. The customer gets a much better description of what they just ordered (every last item and charge is detailed) and they get it right away. This leads to faster payment. It also means less work for the bookkeeper - since they no longer have to enter all of the charges & payments on account into a separate accounting package or mail invoices the store was able to cut back on their services. The bookkeeper now comes twice a month instead of once a week. This alone more than covers the cost of the FloristWare POS system - all of the other benefits are a bonus!


As with any upscale store the ability to keep track of customers and their recipients and their spending patterns is also very important. These customers are prepared to pay higher prices but expect the best possible service in return. FloristWare helps the staff at Quince Flowers provide that. When taking an order each employee has complete access to a customers spending history, likes & dislikes, recipients list and more. This allows even the newest employee to service customers as well as an employee who has been dealing with them for years.

They also really like the very clear, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand reports, the "Daily Sales Report" in particular. Run at the close of each business each this report makes it very easy to "cash out" and catch any mistakes that may have been made during the day.