Ponzio's Flower Shop

This family flower shop left their previous, very expensive, POS system and switched to FloristWare. They now get more features they can use and save money.

Rich Ponzio of Ponzio's flowers is an informed and aggressive business person who really wanted to increase his sales and make his operation more efficient. He was well acquainted with computers and technology and knew that a Point-Of-Sale system would help him reach these goals. In early 2005 he began researching different systems. FloristWare was not yet in wide release at this time and he went with another very highly regarded POS system.

He bought the inexpensive version. This "lite" version would normally cost upwards of $12,000, but because Rich supplied his own hardware he was able to get it forjust under $10K. In addition to his initial investment there were also ongoing costs of $250 a month for as long as he used the system, and some specific types of technical support had to be paid for at $200 an hour.

He started using the system in July of 2005. Just eighteen months later he decided that the system was never going to do what he needed it to and decided he had to make a change. He restarted the research process and came across FloristWare. He decided to take advantage of the free Trial period and ran both systems side by side for about one month to see which one he liked better but after just a few days he had seen enough and decided to go with FloristWare.

By this point Rich had invested almost $15,000 in his original system but he was smart enough to see that there was no sense in throwing good money after bad, and the simple fact was that the total cost of running FloristWare was substantially less than the ongoing fees associated with the system that he had already "bought".

Rich is really enjoying the marketing tools in FloristWare. Like many florists he finds that customers are reluctant to provide the e-mail addresses he really wants (because he can use them in free e-mail marketing campaigns) but FloristWare gives him many tools to help him coax those addresses from the customer - things like e-mail delivery confirmations, receipts/invoices, reminders, the points program and more. All of these things put him in a position where the customer wants to provide their valuable marketing information.

He also no longer needs an internet connection at all times. His old system was hosted on a remote server in another city and he connected to it over the internet. If he could not connect to the internet he could not use the system. It also meant that he never really had possession of his customer information, sales history, etc. - it was all stored on the vendor's server. Neither of these things are an issue with FloristWare.

Rich also likes the fundraising feature. Like all florists he is constantly asked for donations and the fundraising feature allows him to turn this to his advantage. For example, let's say someone from the little local league comes in and asks for a donation. You can explain that instead of giving them something you will help them raise money by setting up a special fundraising program for them. Every time someone comes in and explains that they are taking part in the (for example) little league program, you will set aside a certain portion of each sale (you get to determine the percentage). Then, every once and a while, you run a special report to see how much business the program has generated and how much is owed. This allows you to turn the other group/organization into your sales force - if they want the program to be successful they have to get out and promote it! The best part? FloristWare completely automates the process and even allows you to run multiple programs at the same time.