Tylertown Florist

This small-town southern florist likes the ease-of-use of FloristWare and the way it helps improve the service that he provides to his local customers.

Tylertown Florist is a full-service florist which has been serving the Southwest Mississippi area since 1962. About three months after becoming a FloristWare user Ricky Mapes, the owner, sent us this email:


Just wanted to thank you for all that FloristWare has done for us. We’ve used other POS software and it just could not do what we wanted….FloristWare does it all!!!!

We and our customers love the ability to send invoices by e-mail (not to mention that it saves us money!) and the delivery confirmation! We have received so many “thank you’s” from our customers. It has also helped to increase sales by being able to see our customers order history.

We also love the fact that my staff find it easy to use (that was not an option with the other software - it was so difficult), and that I can even enter orders from home.

And the ease of sending an order through Floral Source! Not having to enter the order twice - that is fantastic.



Ricky touches on a few very important points:

The first is that his customers appreciate (and even thank him for) the higher level of customer service that FloristWare allows him to provide. Improving customer service is essential for the survival of any flower shop. As you know only too well, grocery stores, big-box retailers and online order-gatherers are all trying to steal your customers. You can't compete with them on price, but you can compete with them on service. FloristWare allows you to provide a level of customer service that no grocery store - and very few florists for that matter - can match.

Secondly, Ricky is using a “remote access” feature that we wish more florists would use. He can sit at home - or anywhere he can get an internet connection for that matter - and connect to FloristWare just as if he was in his store. He can generate reports, take orders, follow each order through preparation and delivery, etc. This is a very powerful tool for any florist and, if you have more than one shop, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Ricky is also taking full advantage of the FloralSource interface. When he takes an order from a retail customers that he needs to wire out he just clicks one button and it's gone! It's easier than ever and he gets a great rebate from FloralSource.