Blooming Fields

The owner of this small suburban shop, serving a much larger city, likes the many reports FloristWare provides, and they way it improves customer service.

Blooming Fields is a small florist in the suburb of a large city. There are two part-time employees in addition to owner Tanya Bishop.

Tanya has always been very smart and aggressive about building her business. For example, she has hired one of the best sales trainers in the industry to come to her shop and work with her staff. This move paid off - she increased both her average sale value and the level of customer service that she provides. She also knew that she needed a first rate POS system. She chose FloristWare.

The benefits for Tanya, as owner, are clear:


I can make notes for each customer entered into the system, and they are shown each and every time that customer's name is pulled up. For example, one of our customers wishes all enclosure cards be signed with the same saying. I know that even a new, part-time employee will get it right thanks to FloristWare. This allows me to rest easy when away from the store.


Tanya also likes the wide variety of different reports that FloristWare can generate. Given that she is trying to increase her average sale value the "Staff Performance" report is of special interest. It shows (among other things) the average sale value for each employee and how it compares to the rest of the staff. This allows Tanya to monitor (and possibly reward) those who are doing the best in addition to helping her with staffing - obviously she wants the employees that sell the best to be working when the store is busiest! And, when she first started using FloristWare, she loved not having to manually write delivery slips!


Another favourite feature is 'HotSpots'. It allows me to enter the places (like funeral homes and hospitals) we deliver to most frequently. Now when an order comes in for one of those places all the delivery information is filled in at the click of a button. It saves a lot of time and money and helps reduce mistakes.


This feature is a favorite of many FloristWare users.

Like many florists, Tanya already had a perfectly good computer in her store. Despite that, the other POS vendors that she talked to were going to force her to buy a second, almost identical, computer from them just to run their software - at an inflated price. The real insult was that their hardware was not as good as what she already had - despite the fact they were charging much more!


Prior to finding FloristWare, I was looking into a wire service POS system but did not want to be tied down with monthly payments for a new computer when we had already just bought a new one... all I needed was a program.


Her last comment touches on a very important part of the FloristWare philosophy. We continue to develop excellent POS software and feel good about charging a very reasonable fee for the benefits that it provides. We - like every other POS vendor out there - do not build or add value to computer hardware, so there is no reason that we try and sell hardware to - or force it on - our users at an inflated price just to increase revenue.