Things Florists Need In A POS System (But Forget To Ask About)

We hear from a lot of florists on other POS systems that regret not asking more questions when they were making their decision. These are the eight things questions they wish they had asked.

Things Florists Need In A POS System (But Forget To Ask About)

It’s a good time to be a florist shopping for a POS system. 

At one (expensive) end of the spectrum there are established florist software systems from wire services. The issues with these are well known – although the support is generally good they tend to be very expensive and require wire service membership (at a time when many florists are trying to reduce their dependence on wire services and take back control of their business).

At the other (cheap) end there are really basic systems for general, very simple retail. Florists typically realize their shortcomings very quickly – these systems simply do not have the kind of features a real florist needs in a POS/Shop Management System.

In the middle are a number of independent (meaning they do not come from a wire service) florist POS systems that claim to be built specifically for retail florists.

We hear from a lot of florists that are on these systems and are not happy. They chose them because there was the expectation that, since these systems claimed to be built for real florists, they would have the features real florists need.

Only too late did they find that these other systems were severely limited in terms of features and support. When they were making their choice they were so focussed on these systems not being from a wire service, or not just being general retail POS software, they didn’t ask about the specific things flower shops really care about.

To help other florists avoid making the same mistake we have put together a list of the eight things florists need to ask when considering a new POS/shop management system.

Please take a look. All but the smallest shops and hobbyists will agree that at least some of the things on this list are important if not essential.

Then we hope you might give us a chance to show you just how well FloristWare handles these things.

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