People That Can Help

The flower business is complicated and you’re busy. We hire only the people most qualified to help you, a team with over 100 years of industry experience.

Whether you are researching a new POS system, getting support in an emergency, or anything else in between you deserve to speak to highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals who were hired solely because of their ability to provide you with the best possible service.

We're proud of our team. FloristWare clients are supported by hand-picked team of experienced floral industry professionals with over 100 years of industry experience. We don't use overseas call centers to save money, and we don't hire people with no experience. We only hire people that are best able to support our valued clients.


Support Agents

When you need help you can't be fighting with language issues or time zone differences. You don't have time to explain inside stuff to somebody that does not understand the flower industry, or wait until the next day for a response from a support center on the other side of the world.

  • We don't outsource to overseas call centers.
  • We don't outsource to North American call centers where agents are handling Zappos refunds one minute and trying to figure out the flower industry the next. We only use dedicated full time employees that specialize in
  • We don't employ friends or family members whose only qualification is that they need a job. When you have a problem you don't need to be explaining redirects to someone with no industry experience.



Our VP Sales, the person who will likely show you the system, has been in the business for more that twenty years, many of them spent with a large wire service. She understands the flower industry and is an especially  valuable resource for flower shops that are trying to reduce their dependence on traditional wire services.



The people that handle the ongoing development of FloristWare are experienced professionals at the top of their field. All of our develpoment is down here in North America by people that buy flowers from North American florists.



The people in the back office - the ones our clients generally don't deal with - are important too. Here we employ experienced professionals and experts in their fields - chosen for their ability to keep FloristWare on the right path and be here for our clients. We take this seriously. They are also compasionate and understand the nature of being a small business owner.


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