Connecticut Florists Association (CFA)

The Connecticut Florists Association (CFA) exists to support Connecticut retail florists and the retail floral industry.

The Connecticut Florists Association (also known as the CFA) exists to support the Connecticut florist and the floral industry through education, consumer information, business networking and related opportunities in order to strengthen the industry and contribute to the local economy. It was founded in 1938 as a professional trade association for all branches of the floral industry including...

  • retailers
  • wholesalers
  • growers
  • manufacturers of floral products and supplies
  • brokers
  • shippers
  • importers

... and others who service the floral industry. This varied membership is bound together by common interests and also includes students, retired florists, university professors and researchers. The Connecticut Florists Association represents and serves the floral industry in Connecticut but also has members in many other states.

The CFA uses a structure of actively functioning committees and a Board of Directors elected by the Membership. The Association develops and implements programs to help members grow and become distinguished professionals in the operation of their businesses. The Association leads, unifies and promotes the industry.

The association provides CFA members with new ways to solve management problems, improve their skills and motivates them to get things done through cooperative effort and ongoing educational initiatives.

CFA provides members with a variety of services designed to help them save money and arranges many benefits for owners and employees, updates on developing trends in the fast-changing floral industry and sponsorship of training programs.


Connecticut Florists Association (CFA)

Connecticut Florists Association
590 Main St Monroe, CT 06468

Last Updated: 05/23/2021

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