FloristWare Fairness Policy

Our business model was designed so we would always be a good partner - it only works if we treat our florists well. Here are some of our guiding principles.

Q. We Don't Compete Against You

Some POS and website vendors have a dirty secret: they go around their florist clients and compete against them by selling flowers directly to the public. We have never and will never do anything like that.

We make and support software. We have not and will not get into the business of selling flowers (or gifts, or anything else) to the general public. Those are YOUR customers. We want to help you sell to them and service them better, not steal them from you.

Q. No Hidden Fees

We have the simplest, most transparent pricing in the industry. There are no tricks, no surprises and no hidden charges - just one simple (and very reasonable!) fee.

Q. We Don’t Charge For Upgrades

We don’t charge for upgrades - and it’s a good thing since we do a lot of them. Remember: We want to earn your business. Rapid ongoing development of new and powerful features is one of the ways we do that. All FloristWare users always have access to the most current version. This is a welcome change for users of other systems who wait years for updates only to be stuck with huge upgrade fees when they come.

Q. We Don’t Sell Equipment

Why do most POS vendors want you to buy more over-priced computers when your shop is already full of them? We don’t sell hardware. We do everything possible to make your current hardware work. If it doesn’t we’ll help you find great deals on new equipment. Our only concern is getting you up and running for the least amount of money.

Q. Wire / Relay / Order Transmission Services

We are only interested in taking the best possible care of our clients and providing them with the features they ask for.

With that in mind we are interested in working with any wire service used by our clients to provide a seamless integration that provides the best possible experience for the retail florist. So far we have collaborated with Flower Shop Network, BloomNet and FloralSource International.

We hope that one day the others may be prepared to collaborate on an interface to better serve our shared clients. We'll be ready.

Q. We Don’t Sell Supplies

We can’t force you to buy supplies from us because (once again) we don’t even sell them. If you want FloristWare to print enclosure cards/delivery slips you are going to need some blanks. You can get them from John Henry, we can refer you to a good printer or we can send the templates to the printer of your choice but you will never buy them from us.

Q. We Don’t Cut Into Your Credit Card Sales

Most POS providers force their clients to process their credit card sales through an over-priced merchant service provider so that they can collect a residual. This amounts to thousands of dollars annually in hidden costs. We tell our clients to get the best deal they can and we’ll make it work. In many cases the savings on credit card processing alone pay for FloristWare.

Q. No Contracts

Florists are also afraid of getting stuck in a bad POS situation because of an ironclad contract. Rightfully so - most POS contracts are scary! They typically involve a term of four or more years, substantial penalties for early termination (if it’s even possible) and sometimes enforced membership in certain wire services. With FloristWare there is no contract. You use it for as long as you find it useful, and you are always free to leave.

Q. Clients, Not Captives

As we have helped our users switch from other systems we have noticed a recurring theme: The valuable data those florists collected from their customers over the years is “trapped” inside the software they thought they owned. The software vendor will not allow them to extract customer information, histories, etc. The florist is essentially forced to start over.

We do not try and hold our customer captive. If you decide to leave FloristWare you can export all of your customer and recipient information. It will be up to your new POS vendor to import the data into your new system, but the data is available in usable industry standard formats.

Q. Training & Support

We don’t charge for training or support. Instead we try and make our system so easy to use that you won’t need either but, if you do need help, there is no charge - free phone support is part of the package. We also offer valuable free webinars on a regular basis.

Q. Websites

POS is hard. Websites are hard. We truly beieve that doing a good job at either one is a full-time job best handled by a dedicated provider, not a vendor looking to maximize revenue by bundling as many mediocre services as possible.

With that in mind we don't sell ecommerce websites for retail florists. Instead we interface with the best and most proven dedicated website providers. We even provide a standardized integration system that allows your web developer to integrate custom websites with FloristWare.

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