Easily Increase Sales and Order Values With One Report

How a quick look at sales by employee numbers make it easy for florists to immediately increase total sales and average order values in retail flower shops.

Easily Increase Sales and Order Values With One Report

In almost any shop some employees are better at taking orders than others. Some just have a gift for getting higher order values. Others may have studied the FloralStrategies order taking process. Some may just have more confidence.

Meanwhile others likely underperform, consistently generating smaller orders because they lack confidence or don’t follow best practices for sales and make low priced suggestions.

Too often we ignore this. In some floral shops the focus is on design and production, and taking orders is considered a distraction or chore. . It’s not uncommon to hear things like “I took the last one, you take this one”. Little thought is given to who is most likely to get a bigger order.

Very few shops would make this mistake when it comes to production. Skill is almost always factored into the decision of who does the designing. You want your best designers doing as much designing as possible. And you want to keep your bad designers away from the bench as much as possible.

Order taking should be approached the same way. You want your best designers on the phone taking orders because you know they will be bigger orders. And at the same time you want to keep the under performers away from phone (and get them the sales training they need).

The problem is that many shops aren’t really sure how their employees stack up when it comes to taking orders. The good news is that a quick look at a report from your floral POS system should have all the answers.

In FloristWare it’s called the Sales By Employee report. It shows you not just the total sales entered by each employee (not what we’re interested in here) but the average order value for each employee. This is what we’r really after. It tells us who is going to generate the biggest and most profitable sale each time the phone rings in your flower shop.

Now that you have this information what do you do with it?

  1. Put your best order takers in a position to take orders. When the phone rings make sure they understand their priority is to answer it, no wait for someone else. No more taking turns.
  2. Use your Sales by Hour report to make sure that your best order takers are on duty and able to take orders when your customers are calling. For most shops mornings are busy for phone orders, evenings are busy for walk-in cash and carry sales. You want your stars on duty when the phone is ringing.
  3. Do the inverse with your under performers. Keep them away from the phone as much as possible. Schedule them for times when there are not as many orders coming in.
  4. Share the knowledge. Have a sales meeting and get your stars to explain how they do it. Encourage your under performers to watch, and try and emulate the stars. Make resources, like the FloralStrategies Total Training package available to everyone.

These are easy changes to make. You’re not adding payroll. You’re not spending more on marketing. You aren’t adding to your workload as a flower shop owner. All you are doing is being conscious of who you ask to take orders, and maybe switching up your schedule a bit.

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Of course it all depends on having the information you need. And if your POS system does not let you see order values by employee you are stuck. And you should really consider whether your POS is designed for serious flower shops. This is basic stuff, a simple report you absolutely need to run your flower shop efficiently and profitably. You need a POS that can help  you make these improvements.

"We always found it easy to hire good designers- the harder part was finding staff that were also adept and eager to take customer calls and make the sale. Through FloristWare’s Sales by Employee Report, we were able to clearly see that we not only had staff who were very good at sales, but we also had staff that needed some more training in that area. And once we had scheduled training, then the staff that were in-between the best and the worst benefitted too. Everyone’s confidence went up and they were more willing to take orders, and do it well, than ever before. So from a simple report, and some tweaks to our staffing schedule, our shop has been able to provide better customer service and increase our sales without any additional expense. We knew FloristWare had the best reports of any POS we’d looked at, but the Sales by Employee Report has shown us that reports can be used for more than just accounting!"