The Right Approach To Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Florists

Too often florists approach PPC (pay-per-click) advertising the wrong way, assuming and accepting losses rather than focussing on profitable sales.

The Right Approach To Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Florists

One of the sessions at the SAF Profit Blast in Des Moines covered marketing, with a special look at Google AdWords.

The speaker pointed out that florists new to Google AdWords often focus on the wrong thing: the maximum daily spend. They are fixated on not wanting to spend more than $X each day rather than on what really matters: the profitability of the campaign.

It's a little like the person who goes to Las Vegas and commits to only betting $30 each day. They have accepted (correctly) that they are going to lose, and they just want to control how much they lose.

But this isn't gambling. It's business, and it should be treated as an informed decision.

If the AdWords campaign generates profitable sales, then why would you want to limit it? If for example every $7 in AdWords spending generates say $100 in sales that can accurately be attributed to that campaign then it would make no sense to cap daily AdWords spending. Instead you would want to spend as much as possible, knowing that every dollar you spent generated more profit.

If on the other hand the AdWord campaign does not generate profitable orders then there is no reason to run it. Setting a maximum daily spend just means limiting a guaranteed loss. Better to avoid the loss entirely!

It is good advice. Of course the key to making it work is accurate tracking. You have to know what sales can be attributed to the AdWords campaign.

FloristWare excels at both this, tracking the results of your marketing efforts, and presenting that data in user-friendly and actionable reports. When we first started over a decade ago those reports helped a lot of florists realize how ineffective their expensive directory listings were, and showed them how they could redirect that money into efforts that were productive.

Getting started with Google AdWords (and don't forget Bing Ads, which florists report can generate more and larger sales for less money) can be intimidating. Fortunately there are companies like Strider Online Marketing, a Google AdWords partner agency, that specialize in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising for florists. If you want to start promoting your flower shop using Google AdWords you should give them a call.