FloristWare Version 1.7

FloristWare 1.7 includes new features like an expanded points programs and receipts by fax or email that help retail florists serve their customers better.

The new features and improvements in FloristWare version 1.7 focus largely on helping retail florists serve their customers better. This new version of the most popular independent POS system for florists makes it fast and easy to send receipts and invoices by email or fax. There are improvements to the points-based incentive program that let florists award bonus points to new customer automatically, as well as adjust points balances manually.

New Features & Improvements in FloristWare v1.7

More details on specific improvements to this version of FloristWare.


Send Receipts By Fax Or E-Mail

You now have the option of printing each receipt OR e-mailing or faxing it directly to the customer. This is very helpful with phone orders! It also works with duplicate receipts - if a customer calls and asks you for a copy you can send it to them by fax or e-mail in seconds.


Send Orders By Fax Or E-Mail

You can now send orders directly to other florists by fax or e-mail.


Delivery Zones

You can now subdivide your local areas into smaller delivery zones (“MyCity (Downtown)”, “MyCity (North)”, etc.) and/or categories (“MyCity (Express)”, “MyCity (Courier)”, etc.), each with their own delivery charge.


FloralSource Inc. Compatibility

FloristWare now allows you to send orders directly into the FloralSource Network with just one click. You can literally send your orders in a matter of seconds.


Points Bonus For New Customers

This is a great new feature with lots of marketing potential. If you are running a points program, FloristWare now allows you to specify that new customers (or customers being entered into the system for the first time) be awarded special New Customer Bonus Points. This is a great incentive for customers to provide the information you want most and will help you build an even bigger customer database. Please visit the Discussion Groups area of the website where we are discussing how to make the most of this new feature.


Add / Deduct Points

In addition to awarding points when customers make purchases, you can now add or deduct points from their account at any time. This allows for some really interesting marketing possibilities. Please visit the Discussion Groups area of the website where we are discussing how to make the most of this new feature.


Balance Payment Methods

The Payments section of the Daily Sales Report now gives you a convenient method of correcting payments that were recorded incorrectly. This makes balancing easier than ever.


Charge Account Default

FloristWare now keeps track of a default charge account for each customer so you don’t have to select it each time. You can still have one customer charge to several different accounts, and you can still have multiple customers with separate order histories charging to the same account, but you no longer have to select the account for the majority of customers that charge to the same account each time.


New Accounts Receivables Reports

The FloristWare Accounts Receivable tools, the best available to retail florists, features two new reports that we added at the suggestion of one of our users. They are very helpful in many situations.


Better Back-Ups

FloristWare has always made the important task of backing-up your important data very easy. This new feature makes organizing your back-ups just as easy.


Better Time Format Consistency In Reports

Reports that include times are now more consistent in the way that they format it, making the reports easier to read, understand and compare.