FloristWare Version 1.6

New features improve on what is quickly becoming the most popular independent POS system for retail florists. Floral marketing tools, delivery notifications & more.

This release includes a number of new features that touch on many different aspects of FloristWare. There is a powerful new delivery confirmation feature that lets florists automatically alert the customer when their flowers have been delivered. There are also more opportunities for florists to customize their FloristWare installation, adding their logo artwork, etc.

Other improvements include a more powerful discounting system, better wire service reporting, and more marketing tools.

Canadian florists will also benefit from a new foreign exchange feature, that lets them add the cost of currency conversion when sending wire orders into the US.

New Features & Improvements in FloristWare v1.6

More details on specific improvements to this version of FloristWare.


Delivery Notification

FloristWare now includes a delivery confirmation feature that allows retail florists the option of notifying customers once their deliveries have been completed. When an order is delivered the flower shop is prompted to call the customer. If the customer has an e-mail address on file FloristWare can also prepare and send a customized e-mail. Please note – our mobile floral delivery app now allows florists both large and small to offer their customers real time delivery confirmations, by email or text message, with photos and signature capture. 


Marketing Tools

This version includes three important improvements to the marketing features in FloristWare:

  • The ListBuilder tool now lets you add all of the customer and/or recipients in a certain local area. It is now easier to constrain your lists to customers or recipients.

  • When building a list manually (or reviewing a list built with the PowerBuilder feature)you now see the number of people included as you work with it.

  • You can now see a customer summary whenever you are looking at your list.



FloristWare reporting was already powerful but it just got a lot better. The Staff Performance report  now includes each employees production figures in addition to their sales figures. The sales by hour report now includes the percentage of the total represented by each hour. These figures also appear in the Daily Sales Report.


Logo Artwork

Letting retail florists customize their FloristWare POS system to better reflect their brand and values is an aimportant part of our philosophy. Users can now insert and change their own logo artwork as needed with one simple step. This artwork will appear on receipts, invoices and statements.


Wire Services

New additions to our relay/wire service integration options allow flower shops to send orders through the Blossoms Network by e-mail. FloristWare now supports the Petals Network and allows florists to send orders directly into their system over the internet.



The FloristWare floral POS system now lets you specify what you want to call the "Discount" field. Only shows the discount field when a discount has been applied. Properly utilized discounts give florists a powerful tool for influencing customer behaviour.


Foreign Exchange (Canadian Florists Only)

When a florist in Canada takes an order for delivery in the US FloristWare can now automatically add the exchange to the order as a separate item.